My College Friend's Wife

My College Friend's Wife

Credit Pict By: Amin

Just call his name "Sidar" (pseudonym). She is a woman of mixed ethnicity. His father came from the city of Manado and his mother from the city of Makassar. His father was a police officer with the rank of Serma, while his mother was a timber entrepreneur.

Long story short, when I met my college friend on the first day, it felt like we immediately became close because when we were both in college, we were very compact and often slept together at my boarding house in Bone. In fact, he often treats me.

"Nis, I'm so happy to meet you and I've been looking for a long time, would you mind staying a day or two at my house?" he said to me while hugging me very tightly The name of my college friend is "Nasir".

"We will see later. What is clear is I am very grateful we can meet at this place. Maybe this is the name of good luck, because I never expected that you live in the city of Makassar, "I replied while returning his embrace. We hugged for a long time around the Makassar central market, to be precise at the paw-selling place.

"Let's go to Nis' house first, we'll have a long chat there, at the same time I'll introduce my wife," he asked as he led me into his Feroza car. After we arrived at his yard, Nasir first got off and immediately opened his car door on the left and invited me to get off. I was so amazed to see the house where he lived, which was two floors. The lower floor is used as a warehouse and company office, while the upper floor is used as a residence with his wife. I just followed behind him.

"This is the result of our efforts Nis for several years in Makassar," he said, pointing out the pile of rice and his office space.

"Wow, you are quite great sir. Your efforts are pretty limp. You are very successful compared to me whose source of life is not clear, ”I told him.

"Dar, Dar, this is my old college friend I told you about the other day. Recommend my beautiful wife, ”shouted Nasir calling his wife and we were introduced immediately.

"Sidar", said his wife, saying his name when I shook his hand as he smiled friendly and sweetly as if showing a sense of joy.

"Anis", I also said, smiling back.

It seems that Sidar is a kind, friendly wife who always maintains her beauty. I estimate he is only about 25 years old with a slightly slender body and a height of about 145 cm and has rather long hair. His hand was warm and smooth. After finishing welcoming me, Sidar then invited me to sit down and he rushed inside as if there was an important matter inside. We recently talked about Nasir's business trip and his meeting with Sidar in Makassar City. Sidar served two cups of coffee with milk along with good cakes on the table in front of us.

"Silakah Sis, enjoy a simple dish" Sidar's invitation touched directly to the bottom of my heart. Apart from her sweet smile, the softness of her voice, also because of her appearance, beauty and the sting of the fragrant perfume. In my little heart I said, how happy and happy Nasir would be to get a wife like Sidar. If I also had a wife like him, I wouldn't be able to go anywhere

"Eh, how come it's daydreaming. What is the problem with Nis? What's bothering you? " said Nasir while holding my shoulder, so that I was shocked and startled.

“N… There is no problem. Only I pondered for a moment about our meeting today. Why did that happen, "I excuse.

Sidar was silent to hear us talking with her husband, but occasionally she looked at me and showed a cheerful face.

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